Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Beginning

I hope you will enjoy my new blog. It is made of two parts:
The first one is Boo's Fire Co, my currently-six-year-old son's gallery of art. That boy didn't start drawing until he was 4-1/2. I really thought there was something wrong with him. I mean it. Now I can't stop him. When this kid picks something up, it is with INTENSity. He goes through over a hundred sheets a week. When I was little, I used to save up money so I could go across the street to the corner store (gah-gae) and buy sheets of drawing paper. 5 sheets at a time. Ironic that he, without one single of my chromosomes, loves to draw.
I try not to teach him "how" to draw because I want him to see the world in his own way. I don't know if that's naive or wrong; it's just what I've done. Both DH and I draw with him, so he sees what we do and picks up a thing or two. I try to encourage him and teach him without being directive.
He is also a Legomaniac. Now, Legos? He's done Duplos and Legos ever since ever since. I have taken some of his creations for granted, but some people seem to find them interesting, so I'll share them here, too. Why "Boo's Fire Co?" Well, because if Boo had a studio or gallery, it would be in a fire station, his current obssession: 24/7.
The main body of My Exurbia? I'll show you bits of where I live and where I travel. Sometimes it's photography, sometimes it's just a photo. I met this cool, young, urban mom chick who finds the humor, beauty and horror (sometimes all three) in the streets and alleys of Philadelphia. This is my version of her Oh, the urbanity! I don't technically live in Exurbia, but I like the title, and I've always like Cather's wind-swept title My Antonia!

Oh, and even though it's just li'l ole me and my li'l ole blog, please don't download any images for your use without my approval. Thanks.

Now, without further ado . . .


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blackbelt said...

Lora said...

I love it!

I really love that you think I'm cool and young. I try, I really try.
February 2, 2009 10:28 AM


Third Mom said...

Very cool indeed :)

Legos! Oh, did they rule our house for years upon years. And today, with our son in college, they are still in the house, because although he has willingly moved plenty of toys out of the house as he's grown up, the Legos are sacrosanct.
February 2, 2009 1:17 PM